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Civil/Legal Wedding Information, Rules, Regulations

Civil weddings became legal for Non-Aruban Residents as of January of 2001. This means going to the civil house either the morning of, or a day or two, prior to your beach blessing. We like to refer to it as “obtaining your marriage license the Dutch way”. Many couples in the past have said that they are glad that they opted to have both the legal and the beach part in Aruba as it made their destination wedding much more meaningful! Please allow us to explain on the following pages what the requirements are for this part of your big day. It may seem overwhelming at first but in reality it is not.


Documents Required for the legal part in Aruba


  1. Birth Certificate for bride and groom with Apostille. If this document  is not in english, official translation in English must be presented with Apostille.

  2. Negative statement of marriage for bride and groom. This is a notarized affidavit stating that the person in question is single and eligible to be married. Again if this is not available in English, official translation into English and Apostille

  3. Copy of passport picture page of bride and groom.

  4. Single status report from bride and groom (we will send this form to you)

  5. Letter of intent for bride and groom (we will send this form to you)

  6. If applicable: 1st and last page of divorce decree(s) for bride and/or groom,translated into English with Apostille.

  7. If applicable: Copy of death certificate(s) if bride and/or groom are widowed in English with apostille

  8. For the Witnesses: Copy of passport picture page. (minimum 2 and maximum 4 witnesses can sit in for each couple.  Witnesses have to be at least 18 years or older).  If you do not have witnesses we can provide them for you at a fee of € 50.00 each.

We will deliver the copies of your documents to the Registrar of Marriages, once we receive them in our offices (please send only e-mail scans to and at this point of the planning we will re-confirm your time and date for the civil ceremony.  We will then inform you of the registrar’s approval and give you all other details of this very important and very meaningful part of your destination wedding.